Luna the dog

We could not do this alone. Along with our generous donors, our partners make all the difference. They energetically support our program and recognize its positive and rehabilitative effects for both human and canine participants. Our success would not be possible without their many years of devoted collaboration.

OC Animal Care

OC Animal care is an open admission animal shelter working to save the lives of unwanted pets in a variety of ways. This includes working closely with Cell Dogs and other organizations facilitating animal rescue.

OC Animal Care Website

OC Sheriff’s Department – Theo Lacy Facility

This institution maintains the custody and welfare of up to 3,442 inmates: men, women and a special veteran’s unit. The Cell Dogs program started in 2021.

Theo Lacy Facility Website

OC Sheriff’s Department – James A. Musick Facility

This program is currently on hold due to major construction. We expect to resume our mission in 2023.

This institution provides custodial and rehabilitative programs for over 1300 adults: low-security-risk male and female inmates. The Cell Dogs program has been running here successfully since 2013.

Musick Facility Website

OC Probation

Orange County Juvenile Hall is an institution for juvenile law offenders, housing over 400 boys and girls between ages 12–18. Our partnership began in 2009.

OC Probation Website

Dr. Robert Woods, DVM

Dr. Woods uses integrative medicine to treat each individual patient as a whole. He utilizes all therapeutics, traditional and alternative.

Dr. Woods’ Website