Scotty – ADOPTED
Maltipoo, male, 18 lbs
Approx. 2,5 years old
Available late June

Scotty is a very sweet and confident maltipoo who loves all the attention. He does fine with smaller dogs but is afraid of bigger dogs in his face. He prefers to be the center of attention. He would be happy being a lap dog companion, and a walking buddy.

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Terrier Mix, male, 12 lbs
Approx. 1.5 years old
Available late June

Alfie is a scruffy terrier who gets along with small and large dogs but can get a bit fearful if large dogs charge toward him. He prefers to get to know them first.

He is very sweet, and likes to play and cuddle.  He would be fine in a home with other dogs but he plays rough, and his family would need to keep an eye on him just so things don’t get out of hand.

He is also learning quickly.

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Franny – ADOPTED
Terrier Mix, female, 16 lbs
Approx. 3 years old
Available late June

Franny is very sweet and dainty terrier mix. She lays down with her legs crossed.  She gets along with small dogs but is slightly fearful of larger dogs. She plays well with others but will be happy sitting on someone’s couch.

She would be happy in a home with other small dogs or alone with a human companion. She is learning quickly!

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Pebbles – ADOPTED
Beagle mix, spayed female, approx. 18 lbs
Approx. 2 years old
Available late April/early May 2024

Pebbles loves nothing more than to be cuddled and sitting on someone’s knee getting lots of attention. She has a fun side too, and enjoys playing and chasing the other dogs. She is a quick learner and will work for treats!


She would thrive in an adult household or where the children are older than 8 yrs.


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