Success at the Orange County Probation program!

We are so proud of our program at the Orange County Probation Department! Please read the press release from OCP to share the news of a successful 4th training cycle in January 2024. (The program has been running for 15 years but had to restart after a shutdown during the pandemic.)

An excerpt:

“Several studies in recent years have shown that such programs have significant impact on youth development, emotional regulation, and reducing recidivism. One of the youths commented that the program is a “game changer” which “has given us stability, a new foundation, and a sense of reliability with staff and the trainers.”

Click here to read the full press release:

1.12.24 OC Probation Dep’t. Press Release – A New Leash on Life (1)

Some pictures from graduation:

Left to Right: Priscilla Suzuki – Division Director, Isabell Gutierrez – Division Director, Daniel Hernandez – Chief of Probation, Kerri Carvo – Assistant Division Director, Lynn Middleton – Cell Dogs Program Training Lead

Baxter with his trainer

Waldo with his trainer