Giving Day 2023 – November 16th

If you’re ready, feel free to DONATE NOW!

Hi Everyone,

2023 has been a very productive and exciting year!

  • Our programs with the OC Sheriff’s Dept. and the OC Probation Dept. are thriving!
  • The recidivism rate for our “program trainers” is declining!
  • Our service dog recipients are forever grateful for their beloved, life-changing canine companion!
  • Surprise announcement coming soon – another milestone achievement!

This year, Giving Day is more important than ever as we need additional resources to continue to build on our successes.

Your donation will be doubled, as major donors want to ensure the success of this campaign by pledging $50K for a matching fund donation.

Mark your calendar!

November 16th is Cell Dogs Giving Day!

We love what we do and we hope that you do too. Please show your support during this important annual event.

Thank you,

Janette Thomas and the Cell Dogs Team