Meet A Helping Hero Event at Petco in Tustin

Every year, the Petco Foundation’s national Helping Heroes campaign supports thousands of therapy, service and working animals who selflessly dedicate their lives to helping people. As part of this initiative, we are thankful and proud recipients of their 2019 grant of $8000.

During this annual event we’re partnering with the Petco Foundation to celebrate working animals and raise funds to support organizations like ours.

As many of you know, some of our rescued canines go on to advance training and become service dogs. We couldn’t do this without our generous donors’ support.

Our scope at Cell Dogs includes: Autism Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs, and Wheelchair Service Dogs. These specialized training programs typically require an additional six to nine months after completing the Basic Obedience Training.

This year, Dusty and Bella were out with us at a local Petco.  Many people stopped to meet these special service dogs (aka Helping Heroes) and ask questions.

Check out Dusty’s story: Bella is still in training.