Cell Dogs GIVING DAY 2018

Giving Day 2018

We are working on our one and only fundraising campaign of the year:

Cell Dogs – GIVING DAY 2018

The date is the 26th of September and it will be a 30-hour event (9/26 6am – 9/27 12pm) when we will be actively asking for donations for our cause.

We have already asked our adopting families to help us with peer to peer fundraising and now we are asking all our supporters to help us continue the important work we feel we do.

A letter from our executive director, Janette Thomas

“This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and I’m extremely proud of we’ve accomplished! As many of you know, initially I was a “one man band” working with correctional institutions and shelters in the LA and OC areas. As interest and the number of programs grew, it was no longer possible to keep up with the momentum thus I strategically selected key resources to ensure the longevity of our organization.

Since 2008, we have trained and placed 300+ dogs in loving homes or as dedicated service dogs. Today, I am extremely proud of my six team members who have the drive and passion to keep the ball moving forward. They have gone “above and beyond” during the past year as I’ve had to endure 2 shoulder surgeries which have limited my “dog wrangling” ability.

In early 2017, the OC Community Foundation decided against hosting their annual Giving Day for participating non-profits.This was disappointing news as we were one of their top performers and received sufficient donations to cover nearly 25% of our operating budget. They might be abandoning this project, but we’re not about to abandon our Mission! We’re always up for a challenge, so we’re conducting our own Cell Dogs GIVING DAY on Sept. 26th with the goal of raising $25,000!

I am forever grateful for your support and belief in what we do, and invite you to participate in this year’s campaign. Help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary by donating on GIVING DAY! Please mark your calendars.

With sincere gratitude,


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