Cell Dogs @ Cal State Fullerton

Students taking the course “Women and Gender Studies” were on the lookout for a group doing important work in the community.  They found us via Google while searching for a local organization helping the incarcerated. When we noticed that they had posted artwork inspired by our current dogs in training, we found them via Instagram.

“We chose to advocate for this organization in particular because we were able to recognize the work and change that is being made through Cell Dogs. It is important to help as many dogs as we can, especially since shelters are so often over-populated. We were also really intrigued by the emotional rehabilitation that the prisoners may be experiencing from training the dogs. My group and I agree that the incarcerated should be taught basic things like how to care for a dog and the techniques of training and responsibility in order to better themselves as people, hopefully reducing the recidivism rate.”

The presentation took place at Cal State Fullerton on May 10, 2018. Group members included Annalie Cortez, Amanda, and Chai Appling.

Photo – courtesy of Annalie Cortez, Artwork – courtesy of Chai Appling.