Petco Foundation grant

We are so excited to share the news that we have been awarded a $20,000 grant to support our advanced training program that trains dogs that show potential to become service dogs. Our scope at Cell Dogs includes: Autism Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs, and Wheelchair Service Dogs.

As you may know, our organization significantly impacts Orange County communities since 2009 in a number of ways. Since its inception, Cell Dogs has successfully rescued, trained and placed over 300 dogs into new homes. The program goes much further than simply reducing euthanasia rates and saving costs at local shelters: it transforms all incarcerated program participants, providing them (and the dogs they train) a valuable second chance at leading productive and responsible lives. Recidivism rates drop significantly for participating inmates. Dog adoption is also made easier as people looking for a shelter pup are not always equipped to handle an untrained or un-socialized animal. Our service animal find their purpose and change lives.

Grants and donations are absolutely critical to our operations, as these are our sole resource. Please consider donating to our cause and mission.