Oreo’s Journey



During a recent Cell Dogs event, we ran into one of our special graduates: Oreo!

Oreo began training at OC Probation in 2015 and, once he completed the class, we had his ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament – a not uncommon big dog injury) repaired.  Oreo weighed 118 pounds prior to surgery, and the vet wanted him to lose about 20 pounds to optimize his chances for a full recovery.  We tried everything from a reduced calorie diet to 6 weeks of hydrotherapy since he wasn’t able to walk very well.  Oreo was a real trooper once he got used to the therapy tank, and was named “Star of the Month” by Orange Veterinary Hospital staff for his brave heart and gentle nature.

Our friends at OC Probation allowed an additional four-week stay for Oreo’s post-surgery rehab.  His trainer Isaac did an amazing job helping him during recovery, working with Oreo multiple times a day.  Staff was impressed with Isaac’s focus and dedication to Oreo’s well-being and, because of Isaac’s loving care, he made a full recovery.

As you can see from the picture, Oreo looks amazing and Mike couldn’t be happier with his beloved family member.  What a difference a lifestyle change and loving home can make!